SPM Solution Selection

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Choose the Right Performance Management Software Partner

Implementing performance management solutions involve much more than software selection, but choosing the right SPM software is an important step. Once a strategic roadmap has been established and we have collectively concluded that new technology is indeed required, we will start the solution selection process. There are a variety of software options available and many questions to address, including build versus buy, on-premise versus SaaS, suite versus “best of breed”.

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Our goal is to help our clients find the right solution and eventually the right software partner that will fit your business needs, both now and in the long term.

At Canidium, we understand that your business is unique and that any performance management software will need to be configured to allow customization and optimization for your program. We also know that your need for our involvement may vary – some customers ask us to manage the entire selection process while others simply need targeted expertise at the right times along the way.

Our focus remains steadfast: ensuring that you choose the optimal solution and partner for your organizational goals.

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