SAP CPQ Packages by Canidium

Pre-built, SAP CPQ packaged solutions at a fixed, competitive fee!

  • Pre-packaged solutions for small, mid-size and enterprise companies
  • Created by Canidium, who led 2018 and 2019 with the most SAP Sales Cloud deployments
  • Simplifies complex pricing models and complex product configurations
  • On average with SAP CPQ, customers enjoy:
    • 5% increase in total revenue
    • 19% higher lead conversion rate
    • 26% more reps achieving quota
    • 27% shorter sales cycle
    • 49% more quotes sent per rep
Canidium for CallidusCloud Insurance ICM

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Why Canidium?

Our Experience

Although these SAP CPQ packages are new to the CPQ space, Canidium’s leadership with the solution has been proven as the go-to SAP CPQ implementation and Managed Services partner for over five years.

Our Value

We’re an SAP Silver Partner, with 100% certified consultants and a practice dedicated to SAP Sales Cloud solutions. An added benefit for our customers is our competitive pricing, giving you the most ROI and helping you speed to increased sales and revenue.

Our Proof

Canidium is the market leader, with the greatest number of SAP Sales Cloud deployments in 2018. Our expertise, paired with SAP CPQ, has even led to a sustained 40 percent in increase in revenue, all while cutting cost, time, and energy throughout the sales process for a current client. 

Features and Benefits

Grow Revenue with Configurable Products

Shorten your sales cycle, vastly improve the customer experience, and grow your revenue with product configurations built by industry leaders. Whether you’re a small, mid-size, or an enterprise company, Canidium will create configurable products to fit your business needs, eliminating the headache of pricing and turning around a quote almost instantaneously. That translates to a better customer experience, saving your reps time, and increased sales.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Canidium will build customized reports that will help you see overall quote value, track the number of quotes and their statuses for your sales reps, analyze quote margin, and more. Knowledge is power, and these insights are vital for making actionable ideas to improve your business model.

Faster Approvals and Notifications On-the-Go

Canidium will speed up your approvals by automatically triggering email notifications to be sent to the appropriate people for completion over their mobile device. Users can immediately reply to the request with the click of a button, with embedded ‘Approve’ and ‘Deny’ buttons directly in the email. Once the quote is approved or rejected, the quote owner will receive an email with next steps!

Custom User Types with Tailored Interfaces

Create a world-class customer experience! Canidium will create customized interfaces for different types of users, whether it be an internal sales rep, reselling partners, or even the customer themselves. Our expertise provides each user with the ability to have specific permissions to view the products, quote fields, and document templates they need to see. This helps decrease ramp-up time so the sales team can start moving the needle faster.

Native Integrations with SAP C4C and S/4HANA

Whether you’re using SAP C4C or SAP S/4HANA, Canidium can integrate your solutions to SAP CPQ. Canidium has you covered – we can connect to S/4HANA, payroll, inventory systems, entitlement management, and analytics services – seamlessly.

Automated Document Outputs and Custom Templates

Canidium improves CX by giving you the ability to quickly and easily personalize documents, which can, in turn, be emailed to the customer, sent to them via DocuSign, or printed for their review and signature. The document you send to your client can be a proposal, quote, MSA, SOW, etc.