Assessment and Roadmap

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Great Performance Management Starts with Great Planning

Establishing a strategic roadmap is an essential component to successfully optimizing a performance management strategy. Starting that journey always begins with the same question – “Where are we today?” To gain that perspective, we begin with a collaborative assessment of your current performance management program including overall governance, team composition and capabilities, business process characteristics and dependencies, as well as any technologies deployed and utilized across the organization.

The next question we have to ask is “Where are we trying to go?” So after our fact-finding, we consult with each constituency to identify and prioritize the long term performance management plan objectives. Using our own expert lens, we synthesize a roadmap from the results of the assessment and prioritization discussions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. This foundational exercise serves as the organizing principle for each subsequent initiative. Specifically, we can collectively decide whether to retain, optimize, or implement new program capabilities.

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