SPM Benchmarking

  • Building the right SPM program begins with understanding your corporate objectives. Sales strategy is set to drive towards these overall goals and the SPM program is aligned to support that strategy. From designing the comp plans to analyzing the program effectiveness, each capability has unique characteristics that must be considered, established, operationalized and evaluated. For more information on these capabilities, please click on the SPM Capabilities Framework below.


    For benchmarking against your Admin and Report functions, please select your program characteristics below:

  • Who is the designated owner (i.e., a formally recognized individual or team) of the sales compensation administration process within your organization?
  • Within your organization, about how many full-time equivalent employess (FTEs -from HR, Finance, etc., but excluding IT and Sales) are involved in administering the sales compensation program (e.g., data collection, calculation processing, report generation, manual adjustments/ reconciliation, and answering field questions)?
  • How frequently do you provide sales peformance and pay reports to compensation plan participants.
  • For the majority of the participants in your sales compensation plan, how long does it typically take from the end of the performance measurement period to process incentive payments?
  • How many plan participants (payees) are receiving reports and/or payments?
  • What type of technology supports your Admin and Report capabilities today?