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A key performance gap that is often identified in our Health Check Assessments is a poorly designed or inefficient Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process

Canidium has been a go-to CPQ implementation and managed services partner for over five years. Our CPQ certified specialists will help your sales organization realize higher productivity and ROI, have a more efficient and accurate sales cycle, reduce errors and inaccuracies, automate approval workflows, and improve your customer’s experience to retain and grow your business. We can integrate CPQ seamlessly into your existing business processes or help with your digital transformation project by weaving CPQ into your broader sales and customer experience solution roadmap.

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If done correctly, a good CPQ optimization effort results in:

  • Increased productivity for sales reps

  • Faster time-to-delivery for fully configured quotes and accurate pricing
  • Easier processes for the sellers to follow, reducing errors and inaccuracies
  • Automated approval workflows to quickly and accurately finalize numbers going to prospects
  • Market agility for upselling and cross-selling
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