Compensation Plan Design

Balance Simplicity & Sales Strategy

The right compensation plans for your organization balances simplicity with sales strategy alignment. Canidium’s compensation plans directs sales behaviors, allowing salespeople to prioritize their time and maximize their selling effort. From design to execution, Canidium partners with your team to reign in complexity creep to create a compensation plan design that will make the sales team cheer.

A key difference in  our compensation plan design approach is reviewing your entire sales system including:

Why do we focus our attention so much outside of incentive curves, commission rates, and accelerators? Because compensation plans do not operate in a vacuum. We can design any plan, but not every plan will fit your organization. Without due diligence, executive leaders are questioning performance, sales behaviors remain unchanged, competitors will pick off top talent, and customers will look to different firms who will provide the value they seek.
We take your success seriously. We invest the time to make sure your optimized compensation plan passes financial tests, and more importantly, cultural adoption. Our leading compensation plan design goals are to increase revenue and lower operational costs in a way uniquely adapted to your organization. Are you ready for an outside perspective on your sales processes? We are happy to offer a free consultation to determine how Canidium can help – get in touch today.

  • Organization structure and span of control

  • Approach to talent including training, development, and coaching

  • Sales processes and tools

  • Compensation and reward systems