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Canidium is a market leader, with the most SAP Sales Cloud deployments in 2018 and the most experienced partner with their sales software solutions. An added benefit for our customers is our competitive pricing, giving you the most ROI and helping you speed to increased sales and revenue. Most of our customers find irreplaceable value in our expertise and trust us with Managed Services even after an implementation. We have global teams, with multilingual consultants. Our pre-existing relationship with CallidusCloud®, since Canidium’s inception, has provided customers with over 10 years of experience with the platform.

Our implementation services include SAP CPQ, SAP Commissions, SAP Producer Pro, CallidusCloud Insurance ICM, SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM), dedicated SAP Customer Experience delivery and sales teams, SAP Sales Cloud managed services and strategic services, which includes comp plan design, and road-mapping.

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