Canidium is a leading consulting firm.

We focus on Sales Performance Management.  

Our core competencies include:

  • Sales Compensation Plan Design and Management
  • Commissions Forecasting
  • Revenue Acceleration
  • Business Automation
  • Audit Compliance
  • Configure-Price-Quote Transformation
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Extensive Managed Services

When you partner with Canidium, you can focus on your core competencies.

Our consultants are 100% certified in SAP, Xactly, Zinkt, and PriceFX.

We rapidly and accurately design, build, and manage impactful solutions for your business.

Motivate sales, shape behavior, and increase revenue with incentive compensation management software.

Read our blog explaining why you need CPQ

Learn how SAP CPQ helps you create and manage large error-free quotes with highly customizable products, subscriptions, and services.

Shifting market demands. Decreasing profit margins. As the market gets more complicated, so does the business of pricing.

The insurance industry is facing a revolution in the digital network economy, driven by new entrants such as insurtechs and automotive companies.

How We Do It

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You need a sales performance management consultancy that will serve as your north star, put you on the right path to success, and leverage their insights in a way that will accelerate and ensure you realize the highest ROI.


You have a roadmap and have selected a vendor, but you need a partner who not only implements it the right way the first time, but ensures that you’re making data-driven decisions.


You’re operational, but you need a specialist who will make sure that you don’t deviate from your best practices, and continue to speed along your roadmap to success.

Who We Do It For

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Brett Kimball of Lucifer Lighting discusses his key sales challenges. 

Learn how Canidium and SAP CPQ were able to meet their key needs to drive a 40% increase in revenue.
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Our Partners

Sales Performance Management Consultancy

We have dedicated practices for both SAP/CallidiusCloud, Xactly and Cloud Coach / Salesforce.
We also have years of experience with other vendors and should be your number one choice for a leading sales performance management implementation partner.