Customer Success

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“We’re a sales operations and sales performance management consultancy, but we’re really in the business of customer success.”

David Kohari, Canidium’s SVP of Customer Success

Who We Are

Canidium’s Customer Success team works diligently to ensure that our customers are satisfied with both Canidium and the solution. Our team determines how our customers define and measure success, and then we help our customers achieve their business objectives through proven and sustainable value realization.

What We Do

Canidium instills customer success practices all throughout our project methodology, in order to provide a seamless customer experience that results in sustainable software use and customer satisfaction. Our program equips our customers with the ability to increase ROI and leverage data-driven insights to achieve quantifiable business results. We use an effective Customer Journey Model to place all of our customers on the track to success.

The Customer Success Journey

Discover (Sales and Marketing) Customers go through the sales process and understand what solution is best for their business.

Align – (Customer Success) Canidium helps customers design a solution-specific plan using the right technology.

Implement – (Technical Services) Customers work with Canidium to successfully implement the technology, enter data, run tests, etc.

How We Do it

As businesses and software solutions continue to evolve, our team works with customers to identify the next steps and outline strategic approaches that keep our customers successfully adapting to the changes. Whether it’s diving into concepts of sustainability, or identifying solution adoption methods, our team is dedicated to providing long term support to our customers in ways that extend beyond the initial implementation.

“I can’t say enough about the Canidium team. Great engagement, great data knowledge, and great testing dedication.” 

— Sr. Director of Business Analytics

“I found everybody on the Canidium team to be incredibly knowledgeable, extremely smart, and having a very thorough understanding of concepts. They were very concise, and came with scenarios planned. It was just a really great experience overall.” 

— Group Manager of Finance

Why We Matter

With software constantly changing and evolving, our goal as a Customer Success team is to minimize the consumption gap by giving our customers the tools and resources needed to successfully manage the solution.

Why we matter Customer Success

“Canidium has been an excellent vendor partner. It’s been great working with the Canidium team; we have great resources that advise us and keep our team productive. They work as part of our team, and Canidium has always been very reactive to any of the needs that we have. Overall it has been a great experience.” 

— Sr. Manager of Business Relationships