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Building a Solid Foundation for Your Program

We have all heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out” – it’s a well-known axiom that is extremely relevant in terms of building the right foundation for your Sales Performance Management program. SPM platforms consume a great deal of information from a variety of sources: your CRM, HRIS, ERP and Financials are all common contributors to the underlying data necessary to consistently and accurately calculate, report and analyze sales performance. In turn, an effective SPM solution must be able to deliver calculated measures, payments and accruals to the appropriate reporting and financial systems.

Understanding the nuances and complexities inherent in each of these data sources and targets is crucial. Frequency, availability, granularity, variability, extensibility, delivery – these are just a few of the critical elements that must be discussed, analyzed and designed correctly in order to establish that solid footing. Success, not just for the initial implementation but for the entire desired roadmap, is predicated on creating the right SPM data management capabilities for your organization’s long term needs.

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