From CallidusCloud to SAP Sales Cloud

  • SAP Commissions packages are solutions for small, mid-size, and enterprise companies
  • The acquisition of CallidusCloud completes SAP’s vision of moving beyond legacy CRM to embrace intelligent customer experience solutions that inspire and empower sales professionals to follow leads to cash and achieve career success.
  • Real-time and accurate commissions reporting that will help you align your sales team to corporate goals.
  • Canidium provides industry-leading plan design, implementation and management.
Canidium for CallidusCloud Insurance ICM

Why use Canidium’s SAP Commissions packages?

Why Canidium?

Our Experience

Canidium’s leadership with the solution has been proven as the go-to SAP Commissions and SAP ICM implementation and Managed Services partner for years.

Our Value

We’re an SAP Silver Partner, with 100% certified consultants and a practice dedicated to SAP Sales Cloud solutions. An added benefit for our customers is our competitive pricing, giving you the most ROI and helping you speed to increased sales and revenue.

Our Proof

Canidium is the market leader, with the greatest number of SAP Sales Cloud deployments. Our expertise, paired with SAP Commissions, has provided benefits such as automatically calculated commissions, gamification features, and AI/data-driven recommendations.

What will Canidium’s SAP Commissions do for your business?

Inbound data ⁠— helping administrators to make data-driven decisions.

Compensation ⁠— helping you create plans, models, complexity rating, and more. 

Reporting ⁠— real-time and accurate payee and Manager/Finance reports, as well as dashboards.

Outbound feeds, workflows, and security⁠ — to help you communicate across platforms.