Territory & Quota Optimization

Maximize your salesforce by designing territories that balance geographic potential, current revenue, and travel time.

Territory design is about optimizing the deployment of sales resources. No matter your strategy, we can balance across the geographic footprint, mixing opportunity and existing revenue, as well as workload. By creating equitable territories, we can help increase sales and profits and reduce travel time, leading to improved abilities to identify high performers and sustaining motivation.

By implementing territory and quota management best practices along with powerful SPM software, you can easily increase sales and improve the efficiency of your sales force

Alignments in today’s selling landscape must be dynamic to respond to market demands. In our planning process we establish guidelines to augment territory design, including the ability for management to apply local knowledge to alignments. By looking at predictive indicators for unbalanced territories, sales leaders are equipped with the ability to make changes to meet market demands.

The logic behind territory construction is applied to quotas, recognizing a territory’s potential in conjunction with forecasts. This creates an alignment of opportunity and quota expectations, establishing fair and attainable, yet challenging, quotas. While we cannot predict all situations, the goal with a plan from Canidium is to make managing quotas as routine as possible, recognizing that there will always be special cases.

Expertly designed and implemented sales territory management and sales quota management will get your sales representatives in front of the right opportunities at the right time. Continuously monitoring your methodology can lead to mitigating unwanted attrition, limiting sales effort duplication, and prioritizing sales efforts on ideal customers.

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