Getting the most out of current deployments can sometimes mean finding new software to operate within these constructs. With the cloud, trying and testing these solutions isn't as expensive or arduous as it used to be, and with so many aspects of corporate process and culture moving to the cloud already, some vendors are trying to help executives see the benefit of hosting all their resources in the same format.

This particularly applies to sales performance management, where workers may be operating remotely or in a cloud environment already. Since these individuals are the face of the company in many a sense, keeping tabs on them in the one piece of infrastructure they use most can be significantly beneficial to productivity, performance and revenue tracking.

Xactly recently joined up with FinancialForce and Concur to show off the versatility of cloud-based sales performance management tools. Highlighting the benefits of hosting a comprehensive monitoring and coaching resource, these companies are hosting a cloud forum for CFOs and CEOs to show off the various properties of "as-a-Service" coaching and management resources. By creating a set of platforms that work seamlessly together in a cloud landscape, bosses and human resources personnel can chart performance, support gamification and create better training, rewards and other programs to fit each individual.

Improving resource usage
The point of providing a series of different software hosts in the Xactly tour, according to a statement from the company, is to show off to businesses exactly how these different deployments link together and create a comprehensive solution. Performance management and revenue tracking, time reporting and payroll control are easier when any authorized employee can review expense and improvement information. By putting these tools in the cloud, personnel can handle such important tasks from wherever they are, reducing costs across the board for travel, technology and time.

ZDNet wrote that pursuing "as-a-Service" solutions is one of the most popular strategies companies are employing right now in relation to their cloud monitoring deployments. The source stated that such assets have allowed organizations to function in a more fluid and cost-effective manner, increasing in popularity and pervasiveness in the last few years. As the corporate world continues to expand and change, so too can sales performance management solutions hosted in the cloud grow to meet new requirements. This has made "as-a-Service" sales solutions even more vogue.