Is your organization running seamlessly or adding friction to your sales cycle?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can eliminate friction in your organization by improving communications between sales operations and finance teams and protecting margins.

Leveraging CPQ in your organization can result in higher commissions, better margins and more accurate pricing, ultimately increasing Sales Velocity, the time it takes a new lead to become a closed deal.

Join industry experts Chris Lesar and Doug Erb as they discuss how you can leverage CPQ to benefit your organization, resulting in:

  • Increased number of opportunities
  • Increased average deal value
  • Increased win rate
  • Reduced sale cycle

The webinar is Tues. April 15th, at 1 PM CST/ 2PM EST. Click here to register. For more information or an on-demand recording of the webinar, email us at


  • Chris Lesar, VP Sales, CallidusCloud
  • Jeffry Swertfeger, Director of Marketing/Inside Sales, TruStar Energy
  • Doug Erb, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Canidium

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