Commission plans can be a powerful tool  to motivate your sales force, but knowing how and when to use them most effectively  is just as important.  Join industry leader Elliot Scott on November 20th as he discusses how to best structure your commission plan to incorporate variables such as  products, territories, new and existing customers, and deal size.

The webinar is Thursday, November 20th at 12 CT/ 1 ET.  Click here to register. Can’t attend the live webinar?  You can always access on-demand recordings in our video archive to learn more.

Elliot Scott is the Director of Compensation Design at Canidium.  Scott brings broad and deep experience with sales organizations and sales compensation practices in a wide variety of industries, both domestic and global.  His understanding of best practices allows him to design and implement solutions that significantly improve sales results – and do it quickly.  To learn more on this topic, read Scott’s article published in workspan Magazine earlier this year.