Texas Roadhouse is a massive operation, with more than 380 restaurant open for business in 47 different states. That said, the organization's sales team was a bit on the small side, so when the company was looking to implement a bonus incentive platform to assist with calculating monthly and quarterly compensation, it needed a solution that was a good fit.

As a result, Texas Roadhouse opted for Varicent. The company needed something that would help manage the overall incentive compensation bonus calculation process – namely, override exceptions, while providing greater visibility with reporting and managing employee sharing between locations.

"We are very excited to roll out Varicent's solution, which will help us upgrade our incentive bonus program,” said Mark Simpson, vice president at the chain.

He explained that Varicent was chosen for four specific reasons: First, it provided the restaurant chain with an administration infrastructure that could be managed by a small team. Second, it bolstered transparency and gave reporting visibility to regional and market partners, as well as financial executives. Third, it offered flexibility to scale up with business missions and goals. Finally, it gave Texas Roadhouse a means to better track incentive compensation, which is crucial for auditing consistency.

"Texas Roadhouse has a complex incentive compensation process that involves multiple players, across territories, with bonuses and overrides and other unique considerations," said Mark Girvan, vice president of Americas field operations at Varicent. "Varicent will provide streamlined automation, flexibility and reporting to help consolidate processes and drive business results."

A number of businesses are looking to invest in sales performance management solutions as they grow dissatisfied with more rudimentary and antiquated technology, such as spreadsheets and software not specifically designed around the needs of sales departments. Varicent has been a particularly popular option, with a number of businesses opting for the solution produced by the company.

For example, Bankers Life and Casualty Company – a leading life and health insurer – recently integrated Varicent as a means of bolstering productivity and greater flexibility. Varicent will also give the business a better ability to scale and forecast as the company grows in the future.