The crux of sales performance management (SPM) is how to help every representative become a top-flight salesperson. Some staffers easily fit into their roles and can balance client relationships with selling new products and tracking important metrics. That said, some agents struggle when it comes to breaking out from the middle of the pack and becoming a top earner.

SPM isn't an exact science, and every manager implements different strategies for assisting employees. However, there are some universal steps that every supervisor can take to turn average employees into sales superstars.

The right tools
Technological advancements have changed sales in every industry for the better. Vendors can install programs for every task from automating client communication to integrating various marketing channels. The keys for managers are to decide what tools would be most beneficial for their staff and to make information readily available.

Companies should teach their representatives how to use analytic tools during sales on-boarding. Many software programs provide instant updates that allow employees to track their figures in real time. The information can help agents learn what areas require improvement and highlight exceptional work that that should be continued in the future.

Encourage strategy meetings
Selling Power notes that top performers usually spend more time strategizing with their managers than their associates. The planning stage stage is a critical aspect of a sale. Supervisors help their agents develop strategies for dealing with difficult questions and common concerns from potential clients.

Unfortunately, performance managers can't give individualized attention to every representative and sale. Teamwork is an alternative to holding multiple meetings. Supervisors can pair their average earners with more successful agents to go over sales pitches and strategies. The groups give middle performers to learn from the best and apply the lessons to future business.

Consider new incentives
Sales incentives go a long way toward motivating representatives to reach for the stars. The news source writes that many vendors use short-term contests to encourage activity and promote new business. Additionally, non-cash rewards like additional vacation time can increase workplace satisfaction and foster loyalty when agents start meeting their goals.

Companies should pay out incentives as soon as possible because agents are more motivated when they're compensated in a timely fashion. Sales compensation software can be automated to pay employees as they hit their quotas.