All customers are unique with their own personalities. They have different pain points, respond to a variety of emotions and have their own interests. It's always difficult to generalize something like sales because each engagement is dynamic, so there is no one specific way to convert a prospect, nor is there a definite way to blow a sale.

That being said, savvy salespeople are keen to pick up trends and while there may be no certain way of losing a sale, there are certain habits that can contribute to it. Here are three common missteps that sales agents take as they engage prospects:

1. Not pushing for the sale
Many agents are great when it comes to conversations about products or services. They know their stuff – product information, how it can be used, how it can solve the specific fears or pain points of prospects, etc. However, when it comes to actually making the sale, some can lose their way and forget to encourage the prospects to take action.

After engaging prospects, sales agents need to remember to ask for the conversion. "Some prospects will ask when and where they can buy, but those occurrences are few and far between. You have to take charge and gently nudge each prospect into making a decision that benefits you both," Business 2 Community explains.

2. Not listening to the client
Customers are unique and have their own needs. If they perceive that a product doesn't fit these needs, they aren't going to buy it. Salespeople can't just keep listing features and hope to convert a sale. They must listen to any objections and questions that businesses may have and answer them in a satisfactory way.

3. Don't talk too much
This goes side by side with point No. 2. If salespeople are talking too much, they are by default not listening enough.

"Once you've explained your product, it's your turn to listen to what your prospect needs, and you can't listen when you're talking," the news source added. Make sure you don't slip up and forget something important a prospect has said about time frame, and don’t push a prospect further once you've already agreed to terms. Asking to revise a proposal when it's in your prospects hands demonstrate poor form and a lack of professionalism."

There are many other strategies salespeople can use to maximize their chances of securing sales. Sales coaching can be used to bestow these insights to agents.