Keeping up with modern trends may seem like a mere hobby for some managers, but being aware of cutting edge technology and consumer trends is priceless information. The momentum of these movements can greatly impact the way that personnel strategize their upcoming goals. It can also build business resources toward whole new offerings, changing the shape of sales coaching and other support features.

Keeping up with the times
As businesses detect differences in the ways they interact with their customers, they know they need to give them the kinds of services and experiences that are most going to engage them. Mobile offerings are at the base of many corporate adjustments happening today. These resources are in the hands of more Americans than ever before, by some counts even outnumbering consumers two to one in terms of device ownership. This means keeping up with new app deployments, multi-channel initiatives and advertising opportunities will require launching into uncharted territory. This is a important realm that sales coaching will be responsible for covering.

InformationWeek wrote that digital business initiatives are moving at full steam in some corporations, providing consumers with a totally-mobile interaction with their shopping experiences. Converting point of sale kiosks, mobilizing workforce and creating more freeflow retail environments have followed suit, changing the traditional idea of going shopping. Mobile payments, app stores and digital transactions are replacing conventional interactions in many businesses. This means sales coaching must be updated to meet new technology in the workplace, so that personnel are able to understand these options better than their customers.

Watching the virtual weather
For firms that think they can just ignore these trends, there are startling sales figures to consider with mobile sales. The Drum reported that a study of mobile shopping patterns over the last year saw an increase of more than 50 percent. The source said that this growth is anticipated to not only continue, it's forecast to explode by 2014. Faster connection speeds on handheld devices and penetration into the working world has put purchasing and decision-making tools at people's fingertips.

The research, commissioned by eBay, found that overall sales in these arenas will increase by as much as 115 percent. Sales coaching and gamification tactics need to be updated to give personnel an advantage as these kinds of initiatives pick up steam as an industry standard.