Coming up with a good plan for how to market a product can have much farther-reaching impact than some advertising personnel may think. Being able to effectively and reliably close sales requires that the ads and promotions regarding a specific service be clear, honest and accurate. In cases where marketing approaches fail to meet these tests, leaders must rely on solid talent management tactics to ensure that goals are still met.

Some firms take the approach of working up different kinds of sales strategies that can handle various types of clients. A recent sales training video regarding commercial and business banking highlighted just such a method of moving transactions toward positive outcomes simply through the use of new kinds of pitching. Prospecting for purchases is more difficult when people have false impressions of a product or service, but as the material pointed out, approaching consumers in a conversational manner and drawing out their personal experiences can help forge a more individual relationship with the seller and the product.

Nick Miller, an expert on corporate selling and training, said it's important that sales coaching include teaching techniques that turn representatives into storytellers. This method makes the employee seem more approachable and trustworthy, thereby encouraging more than just a one-time sale. If a customer feels a personal connection to that worker, they're likely to return to that person in the future.

Both halves of the sale
Business 2 Community pointed out that making a real relationship with a customer can also help target sales pitches in general. As the source showed, using specialized software can ensure that shoppers only get messages relative to their experiences and interests, but determining these likes and dislikes first requires connecting with each individual. One of the best ways to do that, according to the source, is to ask buyers for their stories. As a sales representative shares his or her experiences and subtly introduces the consumer to the concept of storytelling as part of the sales process, the company encourages getting these kinds of responses.

Forging a strong relationship with a customer takes more than just statistics and analytics. In some cases it requires sales coaching that turns regular representatives into storytellers. By adding more dialogue to the buying experience, shoppers form more of a personal attachment to that employee and the business as a whole.