Mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones are finding greater use in the business world. Company leaders and executives can use them to keep better tabs on their companies, even when they are on the road meeting clients or attending conferences.

As a result, many incentive compensation management (ICM) and sales performance management (SPM) vendors are getting on board with the movement and developing mobile versions of their solutions. Synygy is the latest software publisher to do this by recently announcing the availability of the new Optymyze ICM application designed specifically for touch devices.

The new cloud-based solution is designed to be used with the iPad, but it can also be utilized on any common web browsers and portable devices. Additionally, data repositories can be shared across other Synygy applications or public, private and hybrid clouds.

"With Optymyze, we totally redesigned and simplified the way that business users think about creating and maintaining variable compensation plans, while at the same time enhancing speed and scalability,” said Mark A Stiffler, Synygy’s president and CEO. "The power and flexibility of the Optymyze applications are hidden beneath an incredibly easy to use, intuitive, touch interface, which makes Optymyze absolutely elegant in its simplicity."

Opymyze's solutions can solve several challenges, such as the inability to consistently process plan results due to manual processes, a lack of insight into the effectiveness of incentive compensation plans and the performance of the sales force, as well as ineffective incentive compensation plans that can be time-consuming to alter.

With the new mobile solution, businesses will not only be able to address these issues, but also do so from wherever sales leaders are. This gives them an incredible advantage over companies with traditional solutions that can only be utilized at desktop computers.

"Reimagining our entire suite of award-winning SPM software applications, all integrated around a standardized, yet flexible data model, all with a matching touch user interface, and all using a common reporting and analytics tool, was no small feat for our software development organization," added Stiffler. "We are very excited with the result; (it) is a complete game changer in the SPM market."

More than 110 million Americans currently own smartphones, according to comScore, and the penetration rate is even higher among business leaders and managers. By bringing SPM and ICM to these devices, sales teams can have even more control over operations.