Synygy recently debuted a new sales performance management (SPM) tool to help vendors go mobile. The software developer unveiled a data management application that is optimized for tablets and other mobile devices. The program is the latest addition to Optymyze, Synygy's platform for small to medium-sized businesses. 

The data management application is meant to streamline all sales processes, especially reporting and incentive compensation management (ICM). With the software, representatives can update their information, which can be viewed by their supervisors through the cloud-sharing feature. Synygy's president and CEO Mark A. Stiffler believes that the application will help sales divisions implement mobile strategies. 

"The Optymyze software platform brings a touch user interface to all components of sales performance management, including the administrative components," Stiffler said in a statement. 

The data management program has many benefits for businesses. Optymyze's mobile solution allows agents and managers to monitor incoming revenue and manipulate data. For instance, there is a feature that allows users to create exceptions and another tool that forecasts trends. The application can be a valuable resource moving forward, especially as tablets and smartphones gradually replace traditional computers. 

The decline of the PC
More and more tablets are being chosen over PCs. According to Gartner, worldwide PC shipments dropped 4.9 percent between the fourth quarter of 2011 and the same time period in 2012. This statistic highlights that mobile devices are the wave of the future, especially in business. Optymyze's data management application is meant to help vendors implement mobile strategies so they can create truly effective sales teams. 

Unlike other tools, Synygy's latest offering is optimized specifically for tablets and smartphones. The program can sync with a cloud service so it can be accessed from any location. Optymyze's latest application can be connected to any type of network, and has features to keep information secure. 

Synygy ensured that the application is secure to prevent any potential problems. Only authorized users are able to access their data. Managers can grant permission to individual users or the entire staff depending on the company's specific needs. 

The new data management tool will be a boon for any vendor that integrates it with its current system. The application will streamline every practice from monitoring sales reports to calculating sales incentives. Instead of building a data tracking tool from scratch, companies can easily install Optymyze to enhance productivity.