Sales agents are always looking for new tools to increase productivity and improve communication with their clients and supervisors. Recently, tablets and smartphones have become the most popular devices within many major organizations. The Next Web recently reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook said at an event that 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies use iPads for everyday business. Additionally, Forrester Research has found that 55 percent of enterprises plan on improving their networks to support greater numbers of smartphones.

Synygy recently released a new application to simplify sales performance management (SPM) for the mobile workforce. The new program runs on the company’s Optymyze platform, but is optimized for touchscreen devices. That said, the tool works with every web browser and can be accessed on desktops and laptops. Mark Stiffler, Synygy’s president and CEO, said in a statement that the mobile app delivers all the features and benefits of the software publisher’s other SPM and incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions.

“That same rich supply of information is used by the mobile sales analytics application to provide sales managers and salespeople with critical business insights that inform decisions and drive sales performance,” Stiffler said.

Tools and features
The application features tools for performance assessment and data analysis. Synygy’s mobile software allows representatives to monitor their work habits and spot problem areas that require improvement. The program helps agents understand what is causing performance-based issues so that they can be addressed before minor mistakes become long-term issues.

The mobile updates allow workers to track their numbers and monitor how close they are to earning sales incentives by meeting regular quotas. The application puts information directly into representatives’ hands so that managers can focus on the bigger picture.

Additionally, the software simplifies SPM by analyzing data from sales, marketing and other departments so managers and representatives have a central resource for key information. By integrating every report, the mobile app reduces the amount of time it takes to analyze and review various statistics.

The primary focus of the application is to ensure that mobile representatives have the necessary tools to track their performance. On-site staffers can access analytics through their desktop, but before Synygy’s new program there was never a comparable platform for smartphones and tablets.

“With the dozens of Optymyze applications, including sales analytics, our clients are able to solve these challenges by deploying business analytics to anyone with a mobile device,” Stiffler said.