There are a number of schools of thought regarding how organizations can best meet the needs of their clients while keeping their employees happy. Managing costs and improving corporate presence are top concerns on these lists, but each of these facets are actually linked to one another. Companies need to be sure that they're honing in on the practices that consumers most value and the methods of interaction that provide the greatest sales process management improvement to personnel.

Making a connection
One of the most critical aspects of improving business success is through engineering superior interactions with individuals. According to a recent study by J. D. Power and Associates, the quality of customer service is more impressive to clients than the overall price or variety of products available from the organization. The source stated that almost 30 percent of respondents weighed their overall quality of communication and the total personal experience as the highest matter of import in selecting someone to do business with.

The research also pointed to a positive trend in the ways in which individuals interact with professionals. According to the source, those personnel who best and most thoroughly understand the needs of their clients are the ones that are most likely to get positive feedback from clients and consumers. Sales coaching initiatives should focus therefore on training employees how to properly research customer demands, industry standards and emerging technology.

It's also wise for firms to tackle interaction methods in their sales coaching processes. As J. D. Power's study pointed out, most people preferred to speak with customer service representatives and sales personnel in person. The lowest satisfaction levels among consumers were linked to the presence of email-only networks.

Improving networks
In these instances, entities need to ensure that they are making the most out of the technology assets available to them. Just as the study showed that corporations should be looking for ways to improve their sales associates' approaches and make them more proactive, so too can business systems be upgraded to match evolving communication trends.

The Huffington Post wrote that firms need to be using more multichannel presence to ensure impact on every part of a customer's experience. The source stated that it's best to integrate mobile solutions and create in-store opportunities that promote a more unified corporate message. This allows clients to reach business representatives regarding any issue, no matter where they are or what time it is.