Understanding what an organization needs in a new employee is the best way to ensure a proper fit once the hiring process is completed. It can be difficult for firms to assess incoming applicants, given their limited knowledge of candidates and the short time span in which they have to review their various qualifications, so knowing what to look for in a potential employee and the best ways to determine their viability with the organization can help reduce costly turnover and retention issues. It's also wise for entities to track these variables so that they can offer better incentive compensation plans when the best talent is on the table.

According to a study by Accountemps, the amount of sales onboarding bonuses is on the rise, with many survey respondents stating that incentives are a driving factor in why they select the companies they do to work for. Potential hires are more interested in what businesses will offer them in the long run, not just what they stand to earn through standard hiring. That means sales onboarding should also include better benefits, compensation and future opportunities.

The survey showed over 40 percent of companies stated they would begin increasing their compensation plans and investing in training opportunities as ways of luring better talent. These tactics can also help businesses retain the best personnel while improving on existing workforce, the source noted. It's wise for corporations to consider expansions like these, as they stand to benefit more than just incoming top talent. While such offers ensure that in-demand personnel can be acquired, applying these same benefits to internal employees can also help boost engagement, output and overall satisfaction expressed by tenured personnel.

Owning up to performance
This idea of focusing on old and new staff members simultaneously is one that has been taking off in the working world for some time now. There are more benefits to be earned through adjusting the entire mentality of a workplace, rather than executing sales onboarding for one or a few select individuals. As Executive Board wrote, accountability and advanced opportunities can help improve the overall work experience.

The source stated that people need to be made responsible for their performances while also being offered outlets to improve on their current skills. By combining new means with enhanced goals, organizations can get better reception for their sales onboarding while also boosting internal operations.