Offering people the means and tools to do their jobs better can help them feel more positively about an organization. These requirements are changing all the time as more firms find that their personnel and potential clients are using more advanced resources themselves in their private lives, many of which are transitioning to the corporate sector. When this occurs, companies need to be in a position where they can keep up with the assets they need and match the tools employees want to use.

Learning to earn
Incentive compensation is among the areas of business operations that are seeing their resources propelled rapidly into modern infrastructure. IT Web wrote that mobile resources are an increasingly common element among compensation solutions. That's because sales professionals are finding that their portable devices allow them to do the same tasks that they would usually do, only in a more personalized, flexible manner that allows them to interact more with other co-workers and clientele.

The source wrote that it's important for organizations to consider these bring-your-own-device and mobility trends in order to determine how these assets can be put to business use. It's also vital that companies consider how their technology assets interact with one another. Not all organizations have the right kind of security to support smartphones and tablets. At the same time, many corporate applications may not be suited to portable environments. Being able to handle the technology demands of personnel and customers alike is mandatory for modern incentive compensation management.

Increasing adoption rates
A study by the TAS Group found that the link between engagement and compensation can be made stronger using modern tools as well. The firm released its recent research on sales playbooks, utilities that combine business software, sales planning and metric analytics to help personnel ensure they're giving the best performances they possibly can.

"We have extensive empirical evidence demonstrating that the implementation of a sales playbook can be one of the most impactful initiatives for any sales organization," said TAS Group CEO Donal Daly.

The flexibility of mobile devices can also help keep these resources malleable and customized for each corporate user. By placing incentive compensation in the hands of every employee, workers can track their performance and see how their earnings stack up in comparison. Such transparency can help motivate personnel more quickly and with greater volume.