Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their sales coaching and personnel training options. These resources help firms enhance their overall productivity, grow their workforce and ensure ongoing positive feedback from different individuals within the organization. However, there are some elements that weigh more heavily on the success of a business than others. Specifically, the power of technology is providing companies with even more ways in which they can boost their sales training.

Canidium helps corporations nail down the best modern enterprise assets for their operations. Matching businesses with the resources that suit their current systems and help organizations move in a more positive direction may be difficult for firms to determine on their own. Canidium resolves these concerns by matching companies with the solutions that facilitate client outcomes and support internal culture. With more corporate solutions in place than in previous years and the presence of cloud and mobile opportunities on the rise in workplaces around the world, tapping into the volume of business applications and collaborative outlets is a natural choice for coaching and performance management endeavors.

"Performance management has been well established in the contact center as a crucial lever for maximizing operational efficiency, reducing resource variability and driving organizational improvement and results over time," said David Kohari of Canidium. "Canidium is able to leverage these understood best practices from an organizational governance, business process and technology solution perspective, and marry them with a deep appreciation for – and understanding of – sales and incentive compensation best practices."

Watching for signs
Kohari stated there is an emerging trend of organizational leaders monitoring how their staff are doing and taking these individuals' progress into account in new and different ways. Thanks to technology, companies are able to monitor how their employees are performing various tasks and come up with new and improved ways of creating targeted initiatives or incentives to keep them engaged.

Most of these endeavors are also braced in what businesses already own and practice. Canidium focuses on integrating solutions that companies are currently using, such as MS Office and CallidusCloud. These tools are in use throughout major corporations for the variety of benefits they deliver. Using Canidium to locate superior sales coaching platforms and tap into these in-house solutions in a more meaningful way helps business operations and employee improvement initiatives with the addition of modern salesforce technology.

The presence of cloud and mobile assets has helped coaching opportunities grow and change. As Kohari stated, the importance of teaching staff members on a one-to-one basis has not wavered, but the ways in which companies are able to engage employees in these capacities continues to evolve. There has been a dramatic shift toward corporate integration of coaching and performance management ideas throughout companies of all sizes. There are also indications that entities are enhancing operations along variable orientation lines, meaning sectors that never previously saw a use for these technologies are now finding intense and practical applications for them.

Improving corporate holdings
The return on investment for these kinds of technology are therefore expanding all the time. Kohari stated that Canidium's capabilities help businesses increase their quota attainment by as much as 20 percent through sales performance management implementation. This means positive feedback for financial and engagement reasons, with more personnel engaging in various elements of the coaching mainframe and corporations benefiting from the economic returns enhanced productivity generates.

Sales coaching and performance management tools like these tap into the assets organizations already own to ensure they are making optimal use of corporate insights. It's much easier to get staff to engage with a set of utilities they already know and understand, so Canidium helps companies targeting these kinds of deployments make certain that they have optimized operations. What's more, the presence of evolving technology throughout the workplace is making it easier for firms to ensure that these coaching opportunities are properly implemented, thereby creating a better environment for personnel and enhancing retention possibilities for the future.

"We are seeing a convergence taking place where customers and vendors are beginning to integrate their approach to and support of sales performance management," Kohari stated. "As the effectiveness of coaching in the sales environment becomes more established, we expect to see a correlating increase in the level of sophistication leveraged."