It's always easier to look at a different situation and perceive it to be better than your own. Your head may frequently come up with "if only" scenarios. "If only we sold this sort of product, I would be able to hit quotas. If only we had this budget, we could afford more salespeople and hit goals easier. If only we were working for this company, it would be easier to gain rapport with prospects."

The truth of the matter, however, is that pessimism has no place in the world of sales. There are a million different variables that could affect sales managers and representatives, and they won't always line up in the most favorable ways for a business. Successful salespeople aren't lucky, they are optimists who use their skills and environmental variables to make the best of a situation.

"The truth is, you can be successful in just about any situation. However, to make it happen, you'll likely need to change your sales strategies, techniques and mindset," Sales Pro magazine explains. "Commit to figuring out how to succeed right where you're at."

"If only" scenarios will hold you back and may cause you to miss opportunities you already have. Learn to view the entire picture. For example, it's easy to think, "If only more leads would answer my communications." But at the same time, you have to ask yourself whether you've honestly pursued all your current leads to the best of your ability.

Another common problem salespeople face is finding time to do everything they need to accomplish in a day. They think, "If only I had two more hours in the day so I could finish my work." While they can't extend the length of a day, they could consider integrating sales quote software or incentive compensation management solutions to help expedite time-consuming processes. In essence, this is an approach that would solve the problem in a more realistic way.

So next time you find yourself in a "grass is greener on the other side" position, stop thinking in those terms and instead accept your current position. There are always solutions to whatever problems you're facing that will help you deal with the current situation.