There are a wide array of different services and data insights that businesses can make use of in finding the best ways to position their employees. Whether it's tapping into CRM resources, monitoring self-service portals or coming up with social media experiences that engage users on different levels, there are a number of ways in which businesses are improving their insights by tapping into more consumer input.

Providing the right products
However, organizations need to be careful that the assets they're using are up to date and authoritative enough to grant their sales professionals the right resources. Sales performance management assets reflect the success of each individual team member in a way that shows whether the resources they're using are as effective as they could be. When numbers fluctuate among different members of the workforce, it's possible that this is indicative of a poor use of corporate assets.

Business 2 Community stated that it's important to get new people up to speed quickly and maintain a high level of insight and communication over the course of every staff member's tenure. In cases where these elements slip, employees may feel directionless or confused about what they are meant to be doing or how to accomplish key goals. Increasing the amount of transparency and information movement every worker has at his or her disposal allows sales professionals to make more of the opportunities available to them. This includes generating better leads and creating selling tools that are better suited to the client at hand than simply rendering generic pitches to every prospective client.

Better corporate reach
Marketing Professionals Online stated that mobile deployments have served as a perfect example of how businesses can increase their efficiency through targeted technology integration. Specifically, the source stated that adding smartphones and tablets to business arrays has occurred in almost 90 percent of all selling environments. This has already generated a return on investment for these firms of upwards of 70 percent, presenting a situation where companies can handle questions and produce better insights in real time thanks to portable screens.

Integrating mobile tools has helped almost one-fourth of all sales organizations improve their sales quotas. This proves a strong positive impact on sales performance management, wherein all employees are doing a better job and customers are more satisfied due to faster and more accurate responses.