Personnel need to have the right skills and resources available to them in order to provide the best service possible. Employees who regularly engage in consumer-facing initiatives, as well as internal-only affairs, need access to many of the same tools in order to facilitate all aspects of the customer experience. Maintaining these assets should therefore be a critical part of corporate funding and IT monitoring, ensuring that dashboard utilities are offering the best performance for the staff members they serve.

A study by SiteApps found that the majority of smaller organizations don't provide enterprise-level tools to their workforce that could pose a substantial benefit to sales performance. The survey showed that 75 percent of organizations don't employ analytics for their online offerings, cutting the ability for sales representatives to turn these contacts into ongoing leads. Additionally, 60 percent of those with some form of analytics in play online don't think they have the comprehensive sales process management software to make meaningful use of this data.

A similar percentage have no mobile connectivity, which could serve to undermine both online and in-store opportunities. With so many firms moving toward on-the-go computing, mobile point of sale and remote connectivity for sales pitches, instituting enterprise tools such as mobile and analytics resources are major necessities for insightful sales projections and strategies. Lack of mobility and stagnation in sales performance management technology could be contributing to why the survey found barely more than half of respondents met their sales goals in 2012.

Offering better options
The Houston Chronicle wrote that providing better analytics tools should become a priority for all kinds of organizations. Using advanced number crunching software can help take some of the burden off smaller businesses, but organizations with the money and manpower should have a dedicated staff of analytics employees to help determine what internal information is saying about corporate performance. Results of these business intelligence reviews can help sales coaching take the right direction toward driving better performance from individuals and entire sales teams, but it takes firm dedication to advanced technology assets to make these insights a reality.

Providing personnel with performance management, analytics, new technology and comprehensive software can make sales teams much more successful. Creating flexible software deployments and admitting modern assets into the workplace will assist sales professionals in manufacturing superior leads, focusing advertising materials and perfecting sales pitches. In order to gain enhanced revenue and employee performance benefits, though, organizations need to first start offering these resources to their employees.