The presence of employee sales incentive compensation is meant to drive personnel to work harder and gain more success. However, simply implementing a strategy doesn't guarantee that that tool set will work or that it's indicative of scenarios staff members are likely to encounter. It's best to inspect incentive plans, drive for benefits personnel desire and consistently be open to reflection and input to ensure these resources are working in a way that brings about intended goals.

This has resulted in a mix of different incentive compensation plans, many of which are tailored to meet specific enterprise goals. These different programs ensure that every business is meeting the needs of its own organization, rather than applying a generic system that fails to meet specific sales performance management outcomes.

Moving toward momentum
Such is the case with Will County, Illinois. According to the Southtown Star, a subsidiary of the Chicago Sun-Times, the local government is deploying a new health and wellness program for its personnel so as to promote a better degree of attendance, as well as generating greater returns on employee investment.

The source stated that the plan will work by incorporating a variety of different opportunities into the incentive compensation program, including classes and seminars, medical care and financial assistance in obtaining a healthier state of being. By creating an informed workforce, the county could stand to improve the long-term wellness of its personnel, thereby ensuring ongoing positive experiences of clients by creating a workforce that is always ready to perform.

"There are obvious benefits to this," Diane Zigrossi, county board member, told the Star. "A healthy workforce is the true gist of it… If you are educated about your health, it will have an impact on insurance costs."

Some of the other major benefits of the Will County incentive compensation plan include:

  • Monthly health questionnaires
  • Additional premiums
  • Inclusion of spouses and families
  • Annual incentive compensation
  • Availability of health opportunities
  • Free confidential testing
  • Risk identification

All of these services help personnel monitor their own health, thereby making them more fit and ready for their jobs. While the initial cost of implementing such a solution may seem high to organizations, sales incentive compensation that rewards people uniformly can help boost overall base output from all employees. By offering certain benefits above this baseline, corporations can increase participation and motivation by workforce to earn these heightened opportunities.

Culture of health
Some parts of the sales spectrum have already come to see how beneficial wellness programs can be for corporations. These sorts of health care incentive compensation initiatives motivate employees to take care of themselves, thereby encouraging retention and attendance by offering workforce something that benefits them as well.

The Memphis Daily News stated that helping employees improve their health can enhance their quality of life while also encouraging better performance while on the job. The source pointed to one staff members of a law firm who was given a membership to a gym as part of her health and wellness package through work. She lost more than 60 pounds and felt better about herself and more ambitious regarding her job. The end result was a much more successful on-duty performance thanks to enhanced personal health.

"An investment in health and wellness really isn't something you can argue with," said Liz McKee, direct supervisor of the wellness program in question.

By adding targeted wellness solutions to sales incentive compensation, businesses can experience superior employee engagement and enhanced sales incentive compensation performance. This allows for greater oversight of employee output and generous ability to motivate workforce.