Making the most of employees means giving them the best tools and guidance to do their jobs. Putting them in an office space with no direction sets both these workers and the company they represent up for failure. Though the example may sound extreme, when managers fail to guide or motivate correctly, performance indicators likely will fall by the wayside. Providing personnel with sales performance management software instead can help them set goals, promote better objects and train people on how to reach more difficult achievements all the time.

What's more, the migration of modern technology to the cloud has made such deployments available from anyplace an employee can get online. This is one of the things that attracted project collaboration leader Projectplace to Xactly Express, a tool that targets cloud-based interactions and sales coaching.

Implementing superior solutions
A statement from Projectplace detailed how the organization wanted to use Express, stating that it was looking to establish a more competitive marketing edge in its sector. The source stated that new software would help employees understand where they were with their sales goals, compare progress among team members and keep track of the incentives they wanted to gain. The solution will also help Projectplace save money on compensation and closing costs.

"Prior to Xactly, we relied solely on spreadsheets to manage our sales reps," said Johan Zetterstrom of Projectplace. "We understood that before we could grow the company we needed to better organize our sales team, otherwise the situation would escalate into a major problem and we ran the risk of losing our top performers."

When dealing with sales personnel, finding ways of making their jobs easier can help them meet the goals their supervisors want to see. Improving sales performance management software deployments with cloud and mobile like those offered by Xactly is a growing trend, according to Retail Week. The source stated that multichannel is the new vogue for organizations seeking better ways to engage and encourage their workers, since these tools let them achieve more around the clock. Such deployments also facilitate increased visibility, both internally and when coupled with consumer-facing options.

Sarah Taylor of Oracle Retail told the source that making sales tools omnipresent will be the next step. Software like Xactly Express can reach personnel wherever and whenever they want, but keeping up with this technology will require more monitoring and potentially mobile integration. When information becomes more fluid, so too must the ways that management interact with resources.