Regardless of company size or industry, many businesses throughout the world are either integrating or upgrading their incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions to buoy their sales departments.

A global provider of news and business information is the latest company to fortify its ICM systems. The organization signed a contract with CallidusCloud in the third quarter to use the firm's Commissions platform. While the news company already had an ICM solution in place, it wanted to upgrade the sales compensation platform to one that better suited its needs.

"Companies need to be able to gain critical insight and make essential changes in real time, without being hindered by extensive consulting engagements," noted Eric Brown, CallidusCloud's vice president of North American sales.

"This new contract underscores the trend that more companies are moving to CallidusCloud due to the flexibility and ease of use our solution provides … Commissions will deliver this leading news provider significant benefits by optimizing the administration of their compensation plans, reducing calculation errors and delivering detailed sales analytics to improve the overall performance of their sales teams," he added.

CallidusCloud's Commissions platform is a pivotal tool for businesses looking to launch targeted incentive campaigns and commission programs that truly motivate salespeople and drive the execution of plans. To that end, it plays an important role in terms of determining how sales teams are performing and providing other analytics. Furthermore, automation of these tasks enables sales managers to spend more time completing other mission-critical tasks, such as developing compensation plans and sales coaching.

Over the past few months, several other companies have opted for CallidusCloud's various ICM and sales performance management (SPM) systems. Businesses spanning a variety of industries, including healthcare and pension fund planning, recently made the switch to CallidusCloud's solutions.

CallidusCloud – along with other major ICM/SPM brands such as Nice, Varicent, Synygy, Iconixx, Oracle and Xactly – has taken great strides over the past few years to develop solutions that are both easy to use and feature-heavy, in order to ensure a multitude of companies can derive value from integration. As organizations look to maximize time and reduce costs, the use of ICM and SPM platforms could be just the answer to these challenges.