There are many outlets available for companies when trying to determine the best direction for their sales process management. Many firms are moving online with their primary advertising and lead generation efforts, while others look to traditional marketing schemes to get clients to contact sales professionals. As competition thickens on the internet and in the cloud, many organizations are eyeing mobile deployments as the better solution for getting a bigger market share.

Mobile channels are still emerging in terms of corporate presence, as Fierce Content Management pointed out. Companies aren't sure what assets they can trust in that environment or how to implement solutions there safely or successfully and they often fail to recognize the way that sales performance management can benefit from mobile integration. Sales onboarding and customer introductions often already encompass these features, but putting these resources to work as money-making strategies has yet to fully develop. This gives companies of all kinds an advantage if they take action in getting onboard with mobile applications now.

By providing an on-the-go option for sending ads and deals to clients while they travel, sales professionals can be encouraged to work on pitching as they travel as well. Incentive compensation for luring customers from new media outlets may be a desirable option in order to help push certain initiatives. This kind of targeted incentivization can help businesses make more use of and generate aggressive sales leads off of mobile solutions.

Finding the best mobile opportunities
Real Business commented that small companies are the ones that have benefited most so far from mobile sales incentive management. The source wrote that a study generated by The Open University Business School showed that mobile migration is much stronger with smaller firms, potentially because personnel already own these devices and companies in this position can therefore save money on deployments by using tools already present in the workplace. It also helps with workforce adoption of new sales compensation plans and strategies, since they can easily interact with new interfaces through a portal they already understand.

The source stated that retailers have seen the best turnaround in overall sales performance management thanks to mobile integration. Tools like smartphones and tablets are now taking the place of traditional point of sale options and allowing personnel to engage clients in a whole new way, helping them be more effective storytellers and engaging customers in a way that makes them buy more often.