The different kinds of technology currently circulating in personal and business spheres has given rise to a whole new way for sales onboarding and management to proceed. Offering bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, launching innovative mobile apps for sales coaching and providing new ways for employees to learn, interact with others and track their performances are just some of the aspects of mobile deployments that have made them so popular in the business and sales world.

The other major push has come from consumer demand. Americans now have more mobile devices than there are citizens, according to some sources, and that means consumers are shifting their attention toward mobile apps and resources. It also makes them reachable wherever they go, a great asset for sales personnel but an aspect that they may not yet know how to work into their pitches.

Brainshark wrote that the integration of new technology could take some staff members off guard, but sales coaching should be able to bridge that gap. The importance of mobile deployments in the business environment will continue to make these assets more important to sales, revenue and customer interaction, so coming up with solutions now that will help sales personnel hit their goals in that realm will be beneficial for years to come. In order to ensure that training and coaching are most effective, however, the source stated that it's important to show new staff and tenured members alike what software is capable of and how these platforms interact with existing system. Falling short in this respect could result in an under-utilized or misused solution.

Dynamic mobile app approach
ReadWriteWeb added that there are a number of different ways to engage employees in sales onboarding. Rather than taking a linear approach of just showing a person how an app works or what mobile is meant to achieve, putting these training tools in a practical setting and walking them through the various uses of a new tool can be more advantageous and result in better adoption. This doesn't need to be handled on an in-person basis, either. Launching a video tutorial or guide book, interactive web apps and other experiences that show people the best mobile has to offer sales can make personnel more willing and capable of using such resources.

Attracting new personnel and training others on how mobile helps sales onboarding can be easy and rewarding with the right tools.