Creating custom sales strategy resources and implementing better workplace assets can help professionals achieve goals in a more streamlined fashion. This in turn can serve as a significant boon to their employers. However, many organizations have noted that their expected returns on their initial investments aren't panning out the way they're planned. Isolating the issues with these deployments is key to turning business strategy around.

TabTimes reported that a recent study by Profitable Channels found a majority of organizations are not making proper use of their tablet and mobile workplace options. There are a number of instances where retail, finance and service industry companies are providing tablets to their consumer-facing personnel for sales strategy solutions, yet the survey showed that these specialized applications are only being used in about half of all customer interactions. While some firms have seen much better in-house product sales due to aiding clients on the floor with on-hand selling tools, for those that fail to implement these tools, paying more for tablets and similar technology can turn into a significant waste for corporations.

"We have the same sales problems today that we did in the past, except that we have new tools like tablets that can actually move the needle of the sales function," said Stephen Diorio of Profitable Channels. He explained to TabTimes that organizations need to think of their technology assets as more than just an extra tool for sales professionals. In order to get the best return on these kinds of investments, sales coaching should integrate tablets into the essentials of how professionals create leads, manage clients and close deals.

Advancing technology trends
For those firms that think they can do without tablets and mobile devices, looking at how consumers handle mobile resources and the way they've come to rely on these tools shows just how strong an asset they can be to salesforce. CNET wrote that a forecast from Gartner stated tablets will be the leading method of personal and business computing by 2015, with this class of device outranking laptops, desktops and other handheld tools in terms of user saturation. Increased cloud computing reliance and plunging tablet hardware prices are making these an appealing option for consumers and corporations of all kinds. With target buying audiences moving to these media, sales management software should also be making tablets a centerpiece of these operations moving forward.