When it comes to adding a new member to the firm, organizations need to be certain that they're making the right first impression with their incoming personnel. The first day, week, month and even the entire introductory year for a new employee is critical for ensuring a long-standing positive relationship between an individual and the company. While some businesses cut the sales onboarding process short, sometimes limiting it to only a single day, the longer an onboarding session the better the integration and overall engagement a staff member will experience.

HR Zone wrote that it's essential for firms to take their time with the onboarding process and construct a thorough plan for bringing new personnel into the organization. The source stated that it's not uncommon for new hires to show up for their first day of training and find that their bosses and other key staff members are not ready to accommodate their needs. This creates a significant obstacle for getting settled at a business and can present a negative impression of the firm from the start, making it hard to foster positive relations with staff.

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Companies need to have all the essential resources set aside and ready to go before a person's first day. This includes any materials necessary to carry out the individual's intended regular job functions, such as computers, notebooks and telephones, as well as a dedicated desk or space in which for these tools to reside. There should also be a sales onboarding packet or dossier, something that includes all the mandatory first-day paperwork, name tags, pass cards and codes needed to log in and gain access to business materials. Discussing this plan closely with HR personnel ensures that all mandatory papers are filled out and filed properly. It also helps get payroll started immediately, so that there are no errors in direct deposit procedures and minimal delays between start date and the first check.

As Florida Trend added, finding ways to avoid common problems in the sales department ensures ongoing success. Just as new customers may experience mixed communication and confusing feedback from a poorly organized company, so too can these kinds of mistakes in sales onboarding bear a significantly negative situation for employee retention. Businesses must be sure that they're taking all the proper steps to integrate and engage their personnel fully from the start.