It's important that sales personnel are in tune with marketing teams and the advertising they're generating. The organization should present a single, cohesive message to consumers that encourages them to take action, make contact and buy products. In order to facilitate these outcomes, combining modern solutions like video for business may make some companies reconsider their traditional sales coaching approaches.

Understanding video options
The kind of positive impact videos deliver is significant, well beyond what print or graphic advertising might hope to achieve. These messages engage clients and entertain them while telling them all about the positive points of a certain product or service, such that by the time the potential buyer finishes the recording, the basic groundwork of a successful sale has already been laid.

For firms that feel like video may not be a good fit for them, consider the impact that integration has on consumer purchasing outcomes. A study by e-Tailing Group showed that more than half of respondents showed increased engagement in corporate websites just because of the presence of video options. A similar amount stated they felt more confident in a company's offerings thanks to these messages. Most importantly, videos are helping clients of all kinds connect with the vendor, learning about corporate culture and identify with the brand. This increases the likelihood of a return purchase and positive referrals, among other benefits.

Setting sales to success
Sales coaching with video in mind requires familiarizing personnel with the kinds of video products the company intends to offer. Carrying the message delivered in the film to a one-on-one discussion will increase brand loyalty and cement the positive ideas potential customers were first given by watching online recordings.

"People are busy," Andrew Ritschel of Electronic Office Systems told Online Video. "They don't want people coming into their office. By using video…we are able to show, using pictures, why we are offering the value that competitors might not have."

The implementation of video may make hitting sales goals much easier. When potential buyers contact a representative, they'll already have a cursory knowledge of a product and interest in making a purchase. Closing deals when a customer is already warmed up is far less of a challenge than making a cold pitch, resulting in more positive turnover and higher revenue. Best of all, using current sales associates as the speakers for these videos can be treated as a significant means of incentive compensation, as well as a way of humanizing an organization.