From the biggest enterprise to the smallest at-home business, having set goals can help motivate individuals to do better, but offering sales incentives can seal the deal. Rather than just telling people to perform to a certain standard, rewarding workers for accomplishing feats they're required to complete will push them toward success, not just to benefit the corporation but also to earn a bonus for themselves.

Motivation is the key in any size of organization. Whether operating on an international scale or out of a home office, being able to encourage better sales figures, higher revenue and better customer relationships are all things that sales incentives can help companies realize in their workforce.

Push it to the limit
Even Girl Scouts are seeing the kind of positive feedback from offering themselves rewards for cookie sales that major corporations might enjoy. While many people readily purchase cookies from scouts year round, selling more than any other person on a team can earn individuals special prizes and accolades. The Orange County Register reported that one girl in a Florida Scouting group had incentivized her own sales figures, complete with charts, gamification and personal rewards to help reach higher levels every year.

According to the report, by adding these elements to her annual sales strategy, the Scout was able to quadruple her revenue in just three years. This earned her a trip to California, but from a sales and business perspective, it also highlighted the power sales incentives can have on an individual's performance.

The hand that feeds
On a national level, retailers and hospitality companies have used these same kinds of tools to track employee performance. Using incentive compensation management software lets companies keep track of how regions, stores, even singular workers are doing compared to the rest of the entities in the resource bracket, allowing the entire organization to isolate problems or recognize success.

Fazoli's, a chain restaurant specializing in American fare, has found an unique incentive strategy that helps the company gain more territory and allow store owners to increase their holdings as well. A recent release from the organization announced that top-selling franchisees would be rewarded with lower fees on opening new units, reducing the startup costs by up to $20,000. The source stated that this dramatic benefit program is in response to the increasingly positive feedback the franchise is receiving from customers at the majority of its locations. On top of that, allowing the most successful restaurateurs to open new establishments, even at extremely reduced initial revenue to the corporation, has a better chance of paying off later on.