Being able to connect with customers on a personal level is one of the greatest advantages sales associates could hope for in generating sales leads. Businesses frequently use email, print and online advertising strategies to try and create these opportunities, but there are many kinds of emerging technologies that can offer companies better ways of engaging customers on a personal level. Sales coaching should target these tools, such as video communication options, to ensure that they're offering personnel the most advantages they can.

Better face time
The National Law Review wrote that video tools provide personnel with the opportunity to engage clients face to face without ever meeting them. These recordings can create a powerful connection with a person that print media can't match, making them an ideal option for sales lead generation. As the source stated, a study by Scientific American showed that making eye contact with people made them more receptive to what was being said, a quality that can be extremely helpful when trying to make a sales pitch. By reducing or removing hostility and increasing the availability of corporate presence, companies can encourage a more human response to brand identity and make clients feel more comfortable choosing a specific organization, all thanks to video communication.

Sales coaching may target tools like these when systems are configured appropriately. Many businesses are already making use of these solutions, citing the ability to create custom content for both internal and marketing opportunities. Such flexibility makes these ideal options for companies looking to diversify or increase their corporate offerings. It also lets organizations make more use of the assets they own.

Social integration benefits
Startup Smart added that videos are easily shared, making them perfect for social media integration. As new sales coaching features come into the business realm, these organizations are targeting social campaigns and public marketing endeavors. Building an ad strategy that focuses on media people want to watch, share and talk about provides substantial incentive for maintaining these opportunities.

As organizations generate video content, consumers are encouraged to share these messages on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Doing so creates an immediate, free outlet of advertising that can help even further the presence of corporate messages, allowing for a bigger boost to signal. Sales coaching tactics should therefore integrate video content into the advertising and pitch scenario, allowing sales reps to carry over the messages shared in these recordings into the overall consumer experience.