A growing number of organizations are looking at their personnel as a unique problem. On the one hand, hiring skilled workers takes people with hands-on experience that are no longer engaged to another firm. Taking personnel from a rival company may seem like the best way to improve operations while cutting competitors' top talent, but this is a two-way street. Businesses must also figure out how to retain their current superior workforce without losing employees to their rivals. Talent management software and successful sales onboarding can help.

Bloomberg Law wrote that one of the issues that can arise with new hires and older personnel alike is that their expectations of the organization fall flat. In other cases, the company may be expecting more from their personnel than what they're seeing. With lateral hiring hitting all-time highs among certain industries, it may come as a surprise that the results of these transitions are lackluster and unsatisfactory. The source stated that, while more than 95 percent of companies intend to pursue lateral hiring in the next year or so, only one-fourth found this practice to yield satisfactory outcomes. The issue here could be onboarding and engagement strategies, the same things that made personnel willing to leave their previous employers.

Turning on the entertainment
According to Forbes, one of the strategies that major companies in the most cut-throat industries use for engaging and retaining their personnel is gamification. This technique turns daily tasks into fun games and creates more social interactions within the workforce. What's more, it also provides management with a way of seeing which personnel are struggling to achieve desired outcomes, creating more targeted coaching and training opportunities for those who need it most.

The source stated that some programs can be designed to target specific outcomes or even reward employees for utilizing systems that leaders want to them to work with. If organizations are having a hard time getting sales personnel to use a virtual portal instead of a sales kiosk, for instance, staff members can earn points for performing the desired action. This makes for in-house competition and better engagement. And with a recent Gallup poll showing that about 70 percent of all workers are disengaged from work, businesses need all the help they can get in retaining their employees and boosting their interest.