There are a number of factors in the economic landscape that make a competitive and difficult time for many companies. Overcoming these challenges and beating the competition requires a unique strategy and a winning sales team that can focus on the best approaches. In order to do that, though, organizations need to focus on sales performance management to ensure that every member of the team is acting in an optimal fashion. There are ways to encourage better performance that leaders need to be aware of, so targeting weaknesses as they appear will alleviate greater complications further down the line.

Working on available assets
The Journal of Accountancy wrote that companies need to take more care in cultivating existing data stores in order to determine trends in workforce operations. That means looking at individual, team and departmental figures to see if there are any weak links or difficult issues that might be causing a lack of output in sales, and in order to do that, focusing on analytics and business intelligence endeavors is key.

The source stated that organizations are more often seeking out opportunities to look for forecasting and other predictive elements in their data centers. These figures, such as data speed, transaction volume and overall worker daily productivity, help companies create reports that show most likely future based on past performance. This allows organizations to hone in on sales performance management in a way that directly combats the problem areas that business intelligence and analytics pick up on.

Applying the benefits
According to the Business Spectator, firms can gain significant financial returns from using these technology assets. The source stated that some companies have reported as much as a 30 percent return on investment by instituting analytics in their sales performance management operations. By honing in on the specific issues and combating problems within days, rather than months, these issues are quickly quelled and employees can perform tasks more smoothly and efficiently.

The Journal of Accountancy added that businesses should look at the bigger picture more often in order to ensure that the sales department is really where the focus should be. In some cases, the problem with meeting sales goals might actually lie with operations, marketing or other elements of the business associated with that function. Avoiding misdirection requires a thorough and ongoing analysis of sales performance management.