The Basics of Incentive Compensation Systems Course

Incentive compensation management softwares have many benefits for an organization. Firstly; accurate, on-time, and transparent commissions greatly reduce the number of disputes, and help retain top reps. The right compensation plan, paired with an ICM software, can not only motivate sales reps but also align them to corporate goals. With a function so crucial to a sales organization’s success, it’s important that admins are able to provide the most ROI.¬†

For over a decade, Canidium has been a leading sales performance and process management consultancy. In order to help you shine in your role, or learn more about ICM, our consultants have prepared a free course that will teach you the basics of incentive compensation.

In this free course, “Incentive Compensation Systems Basics” you can expect to learn:

  • How compensation systems work
  • How to organize an incentive compensation system
  • About plan design and data
  • How to build a compensation plan

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