An essential aspect of sales performance management (SPM) is recruiting the best representatives. A stellar team of agents is the difference between unprecedented levels of success and stagnation. Excellent employees are the most valuable resources a vendor can have, so it's vital that managers know how to attract suitable candidates.

You can't rely on cold calls and advertisements to find new staffers – you have to do some legwork. Research, networking and reputation management are important features of a solid recruitment drive. Additionally, the best sales incentives can attract excellent candidates.

Research the industry
The best resource for finding out how you should recruit is your industry. Research trends and develop strategies for attracting new employees who can help you capitalize on shifts in the marketplace. Take special notes on successful tactics that your competitors are using to find top talent.

Don't copy other businesses' exact plans – their recruitment strategies haven't been tailored to your sales goals. Adapt effective hiring plans to find representatives who fit your corporate culture.

As noted above, relying on responses to job listings is a risky option. Advertisements can easily be lost the shuffle and potential agents may never even learn that your company is hiring. Recruitment is the same as lead generation for sales – you must network and market your brand.

Startup Nation suggests going to trade shows and employment fairs to meet with candidates. Managers can speak with dozens of prospective hires and gauge their potential. Additionally, the events give recruiters chances to meet applicants and avoid interviewing candidates who are suited for other fields of work. Social networks like LinkedIn are also valuable assets when it comes to reaching out to job-seekers.

Reputation management
Social media can also hurt a business' recruitment efforts. Employees occasionally review their companies and supervisors online, and negative stories can hurt applicants' interest in a vendor and lead them to seek work with another enterprise.

Managers must ensure that their staffers are fully satisfied. While it's not possible to accommodate every worker's needs and change the demands of the job, supervisors can help agents succeed and enjoy their responsibilities.

Generous sales compensation plans are the most effective tools for ensuring workplace satisfaction. Startup Nation notes that incentives and commissions vary from business to business, so managers have to develop appropriate plans for their companies. Recruiters should advertise their incentives to attract talented individuals who are more interested in rewards than the salary.