The presence of sales training and performance management tools in the workplace makes it easy for firms to improve the overall output of all their employees. But the results of these kinds of programs may not be as vibrant or successful as what firms first set out to achieve, or worse yet, they may not catch on with all employees. How then can a corporation ensure that everyone is getting the best services and opportunities from their sales coaching, training and performance management opportunities?

There are many options in today's enterprise educational landscape, but not all of them are ideal for corporate usage. Regardless of the size of workforce though, there are two kinds of options that are best for sales performance management improvement. Here they are:

Mobile workforce solutions
The era of mobile devices in the corporate landscape has already arrived, though not all corporations are making use of these resources. Whether it's tapping into more consumer metrics or simply delivering training to the palm of an employee's hand, the power of smartphones and tablets allows enterprise environments to totally change their layout and presence.

CIO Online stated that there's more to modern mobile solutions than what some corporate leaders may expect. While there's already been a variety of visible benefits in retail environments where these BYOD and enterprise hardware deployments are apparent, the range of mobile solutions and abundance of corporate improvements is always on the rise. For instance, the possibility of liberating sales and services is well known, but coaching and training can also break away from traditional settings with this technology.

Herein lies the key, though – companies have to be sure that they're taking a uniform approach to these resources. Instead of only putting one kind of tool or a single category of employees into the mobile environment, it's important to try and find the value of portable IT for all departments of a firm. Such a ubiquitous mobile presence allows companies to change the very face of their operations, streamlining sales performance management and integrating HCM solutions.

As Needham Bank's IT director told CIO, the shift to mobile allows employees to cover tasks when they're not even in the office, allowing them to handle jobs and complete assignments in a timely and personalized framework. This is an ideal option for sales performance management.

Target happiness
A happy worker is one that's more likely to be agreeable, provide positive experiences to clients and engage in more challenging and diverse tasks. For these reasons, it's necessary for business leaders to try and focus on activities, applications and sales incentive compensation that promotes workforce satisfaction.

According to a University of Warwick study, people who were happy heading into their jobs or experienced mod lifts throughout the day also saw put forth about 12 percent more productivity. The study looked at attitudes of employees who were given negative stimuli before work, as well as those who were reinforced while at the office. When people were shown interest in their well being by their bosses, the level of happiness among employees increased. This in turn help encourage more output.

The source noted that increasing levels of productivity and improved performances could have strong implications on how firms carry out training, promotional and everyday operations. This focus on how people feel in the sales performance management landscape helps leaders focus on both macro and micro level transactions, creating a more comprehensive approach to engaging and improving business and personal productivity.