Hertz, the auto rental company, implemented sales performance management (SPM) software early on to help keep track of sales goals and objectives while streamlining and expediting various processes. The company recently noted some of the keys that helped the business team integrate these new solutions.

1. Get user buy-in
Often, implementation is seen as the responsibility of the vendor. However, when it comes down to it, it isn't the vendor that is using the software – it's the company itself (Hertz, in this instance).

Therefore, the company should be very involved in the implementation process. This will help to get employees and managers motivated and eager to learn. People who are involved early may turn into some of the greatest advocates and supporters of the new SPM systems.

2. Roll out in phases
Mastering new technology and systems can be difficult. While many vendors have taken great strides toward improving usability and intuitiveness, there will always be some challenges associated with learning how to use new systems and software.

Hertz suggests rolling out SPM software in phases, at first only using it complete a few processes. Once employees have a handle on how to use the solution for that task, they can begin using it for other sales-related activities as well. This ensures they don't get frustrated trying to learn a multitude of functions all at once and will likely help them remain optimistic about implementation throughout integration.

3. Report testing
In many instances, companies are using reporting functions of SPM software to aid with future compensation plans and establish business objectives. Sales managers need to be able to create accurate and insightful reports that express data in relevant ways. Always look for new ways to leverage these reports and ensure their accuracy.

4. Drill downs

Drill downs relate to report testing. Reports should enable the relevant people to look at data and analyze it. Drill downs allows people to click charts, links and data. The more information people can access, they better they are able to use this data to improve subsequent operations.

Integrating SPM solutions can be difficult, so it's important that businesses have an implementation plan in mind from the outset. This will help guide and expedite the process.