Businesses across multiple industries are looking for a distinct advantage over their competitors, especially when it comes to sales. Many companies integrate sales performance management (SPM) and incentive compensation management (ICM) software into their systems to streamline basic processes. The digital tools provide a simple method of tracking sales figures and motivating representatives.

For instance, Carestream Health recently began using Incent, an ICM program, from Xactly. The medical systems provider has global expansion plans and required an application that seamlessly integrated all of Carestream’s analysis systems.

“To go along with our global plan, we needed a global compensation and sales performance management tool. From automation to visibility and analytics, to linkages with Salesforce CRM – Xactly Incent covered all of our bases,” Katie Guest, manager of Carestream’s worldwide sales compensation, said in a statement.

Due to Incent, the health systems provider was able to reduce its number of internal sales plans, despite expanding into new markets. Carestream reports that it now only uses eight strategies, while in previous years it had more than 32 separate plans. Xactly’s application has made it easy to track copious amounts of inbound data. Incent also allowed Carestream to implement region-specific compensation solutions as it moves into new areas.

Benefits for agents and management
Incent has benefits for all of the medical system provider’s sales personnel. Katie Guest stated that individual employees use Xactly’s software to track their quotas, while supervisors focus on the overall picture and calculate how each sales agent will be compensated. The application also allows Carestream’s employees to access their information from any location, according to Guest.

“This is a business advantage that allows me to manage the compensation processes, communications and payments from headquarters to my home office,” she said.

Remote access to sales data is vital as Carestream forges ahead with its expansion plans. With Incent, salespeople monitor and update their numbers from any location. The application is known for its accuracy, so that agents are assured they have correct data.

The increased accuracy is also beneficial for ICM purposes. Instead of manually calculating sales incentives, Carestream’s management staff can use Incent to determine bonuses, so that they can be paid out in a timely fashion.

Such efficient payments are important for workplace satisfaction. Many agents rely on their incentives and commissions for significant portions of their incomes, which means they’re likely to be frustrated by any delays. Incent allows Carestream to keep its employees happy and motivated to sell medical imaging systems.