The presence of new technology in the sales environment is making it easier for organizations to interact with consumers. These same tools also facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise landscape, allowing personnel to improve their skills, enhance sales coaching opportunities and become more productive and successful members of the organization.

Moving sales
As the proliferation of mobile solutions continues to increase, so too must the tools companies create and deploy grow to meet emerging client demands. Especially in the realm of sales talent management, the importance of gaining the right knowledge and building toward desired corporate outcomes is a pressing matter. The best sales training options can now be delivered through mobile channels, so long as companies take the time to integrate the right kinds of assets.

The best way to do this is through ensuring that all mobile devices are running on the same network and can accept appropriate application options. This is particularly difficult for corporations to achieve due to the large volume of these devices currently present in the consumer landscape, such as smartphones, tablets and traditional cell phones.

According to an infographic sponsored by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, there are currently more than 326 million mobile phones active in the United States. What's more, over 90 percent of adults in the country are using these tools. Roughly $1.3 trillion worth of transactions are expected to take place through this interface by 2017, and nearly 30 percent of all consumers have used mobile banking in the last year.

Looking at teams
All of these facts add up to an environment where sales talent management has to focus on the successful integration and manipulation of mobile resources. With more than a million Android apps in current use and other kinds of hardware present in the business environment as well, it's important that companies are teaching their employees how to use these programs while driving for uniformity in enterprise information deployments.

Such concerns make it particularly important to have mobile experts involved in the sales talent management environment, InformationWeek commented. Those with great knowledge of how mobile assets function, what they're best for and how to integrate them effectively into the sales process as most likely to benefit talent management processes as well.

The source stated that the presence of mobile tools and bring your own device programs are making increasing impacts on the way organizations function overall, but few changes have taken place regarding how these companies run their operations or structure internal networks. Despite the fact that a whole new endpoint and type of consumer interaction is present, corporations are still running on outdated solutions.

Enhanced numbers and varieties of hardware, platforms, portals and digital infrastructure means that businesses have to get technology experts involved in their sales talent management and performance oversight programs. That way, leaders are always dealing with the most advanced tools for sales training and employees are knowledgeable in the devices that make their jobs easier.

Future of data
As smartphones and tablets increase work effectiveness and generate better sales coaching opportunities, so too do leaders have to think about the ways in which they are capable of monitoring business operations. According to InformationWeek, the presence of mobility in the workforce offers the ability to diversify the ways and places where sales professionals conduct activities.

While remote operations and real-time strategy may seem overly complex for some leaders, upgrading technology to match these goals helps generate more accurate analytics for workforce monitoring. InformationWeek wrote that this gives sales coaching and talent management a whole new way of monitoring and ensuring proper performance, thereby making lives easier. The most important factor in this scenario is getting the influence of mobile in sales training right.