Relating to employees in the methods and means they prefer ensures better engagement and adoption of these messages. This requires that companies get in touch with how personnel like to learn about their jobs, duties and organization overall. One of the leading ways that staff prefer to make these connections is through recorded tutorials and standing webinar information, rather than tuning in for live performances. While some businesses may think that it's more important to offer an in-person or real-time sales coaching experience, the return on investment for long-standing engagement resources makes these messages a vital part of ongoing onboarding, coaching and life cycle management.

According to ClickZ, specialist Mathew Sweezey held an open study of 400 organizations of various sizes. He looked at how personnel within these businesses preferred to connect with corporate messages of all kinds, finding that less than one-fifth of all staff want live webinars and other training materials. The study showed that 84 percent of respondents desire instead a video recording or other hosted content that doesn't expire and isn't time sensitive. These kinds of options allow personnel to watch important sales, marketing and training information when it's most convenient for them. By putting these employees more at ease, rather than demanding a certain time and place for engagement with content, businesses can increase engagement and retention of the data disclosed in these messages.

Mixed media options
The source stated that the best way to handle this content delivery dilemma is through offering both a live audience session and providing a recording of these proceedings to viewers who tune in later. Not only can companies then better direct these videos to target the exact personnel they want to see them, but these messages can be played back later for review and better comprehension, creating ongoing value in these deployments. What's more, recorded data like this can be used later for new sales onboarding and updating incoming personnel with protocols that they may not have been present within the organization in order to receive.

Personalizing sales coaching opportunities to fit the schedules and demands of personnel means that more people will continue to gain insight and information from these recordings for years to come. As Government News Online wrote, Cisco Communications reported that businesses are becoming increasingly competitive about how and when they deliver video content to employees, since so many different organizations are now vying for people's attention online. Instead of trying to navigate the noise and make these transmissions reach personnel, making them available and notifying staff members that they must watch them before a specific deadline or event can increase the acceptance of these deployments.