Sales performance management is not a quick task that can be handled without a great deal of thought. Managers are responsible for forecasting revenue and predicting the performance of the entire department. Vendors are always looking for new tools that provide greater insight into sales behavior, and it turns out gamification may be the best solution. 

The application of game mechanics has many benefits for sales, especially from an SPM perspective. Gamification tools simplify complicated databases and allow employees to have greater insight into their performances. Instead of haphazardly guessing how close they are to earning their sales incentives, representatives can find their numbers in their games. 

According to 1 to 1 Media, gamification also allows managers to predict revenue and monitor behavior. Before companies began installing gaming software, supervisors had to wait for detailed financial reports from their representatives. In the interim, agents would provide anecdotal feedback on their progress. While most of these updates were beneficial, they did not allow managers to truly gauge how well their salespeople were performing. As a result, strategies could not be adapted until the pay periods ended and it was too late to make any significant alternations. 

Gamification streamlines the process
1 to 1 Media writes that sales is an on-going process that requires constant adjustments. Every client has different buying and spending habits, so there is no universal strategy for success. To maximize the chances of closing new deals and growing business, managers must be able to monitor progress and adjust forecasts accordingly. 

When employees generate leads or find new customers, they can be awarded points in sales games. Leaderboards are the most valuable resources for managers – every time the rankings are updated, they can learn how their staff members are progressing. 

Additionally, gamification provides real-time results without waiting for the end of a pay period. Every sale is logged and quantified in the gaming application. This means that the entire company knows what strategies are working for certain representatives. 

Managers should take gamification updates very seriously. When workers receive more points, supervisors should hold conferences with agents to understand how that progress was made. During the meetings, representatives should walk their leaders through the entire process so they can identify positive behaviors. The information should be recorded and distributed to the rest of the team so that every agent can follow suit and increase their own sales.